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Challenging future needs of nations and companies around the world. Today.

Xenios Blockchain is fast, scalable with near zero energy consumption architecture and can help businesses & organizations to accelerate their development and ESG growth.

The use cases and applications of Xenios Blockchain

The use cases and applications of Xenios'

CBDCs (Central Bank Digital Currencies)

  • More efficient and secure payments
  • Helping the unbanked population gain access to funds
  • Easier tracking of funds helping to deter illicit activity

Xenios mainnet payment system

  • Live, global advanced payments system
  • Fast, cheap, high volume domestic and cross-border payments
  • Settles via XNC (Xenios’ own digital currency)

Fintech / Banking & Financial Services

  • Leapfrog incumbent institutions with cutting-edge quantum secure infrastructure
  • Remove back-office settlement time/cost on bonds, shares, real estate, currencies, etc
  • High volume / high frequency payment & trading systems

DeFi / STOs (Security Token Offerings)

  • Fast and cheap DeFi solutions for corporate fund-raising
  • Tokenization of real assets (gold, minerals, real estate, etc)
  • Trading platforms giving investors liquidity for illiquid investments


  • Improving speed of underwriting, pricing, reserving and financial control
  • Smart policies for renewals, claim processing, etc
  • Data systems for settlement process, eliminating reconciliations


  • Public networks for land registries, company data, certifications, etc
  • Private networks for medical records, customs declarations, etc
  • Filing and identity systems for tax, voting, anti-money laundering

NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens)

  • Digitise artwork, media, etc
  • Bespoke platforms for NFT creation and storage
  • Ensure longevity of NFT holdings with low-cost sustainable system

Supply Chain / Logistics

  • Automated end-to-end transaction processing 
  • Real-time data transparency and provenance all along the supply chain 
  • Eliminate duplicated costs

Real Estate

  • Fractionalised interests in land, occupation rights, rental income, etc
  • Pre-sales systems for property developers
  • Network system for agents and suppliers to the property sector

Defence and Law Enforcement

  • Private secure comms networks for military / intelligence applications
  • Evolving smart networks with distributed AI to combat cyberattacks
  • Secure drone / Internet of Things networks for anti-terrorism; search and rescue; policing


  • Secure availability of patient data for different medical / care providers
  • Protect outdated legacy hardware / software against malicious attacks and data breaches
  • Automate prescription / dosing /etc

Energy & Infrastructure

  • Renewable energy grids allowing trading of excess power
  • Individual home blockchains to control home domestics and data security
  • Energy trading and management optimisation systems

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